Listed Barn in Norfolk

Project Details

Location: Irstead nr Wroxham, Norfolk Broad National Park
Local Authority: Broads Authority
Size: 80m2 Habitable / 20m2 Storage
Completed: 2023

A sensitive conversion of an existing Grade II listed barn in the Norfolk Broads National Park to return the building to its former appearance and utilising locally sourced traditional materials.

We were approached by former clients to assist with the restoration of a Grade II listed farmhouse and associated outbuildings in the Norfolk Broads

The former stable outbuilding is located to the rear of the property. It was in a poor state of repair and did not represent it’s original external appearance which has changed over time.  The internal arrangement was planned to allow family use ancillary to the enjoyment of the main house and provide accommodation within the outbuilding when families visit to stayover with their children.

The building had been subject to a number of modern alterations with a corrugated asbestos roofing, skylights, steel beam and concrete block insertions.  It was proposed that externally modern interventions such as the corrugated roofing and modern openings/rooflights would be replaced with traditional Norfolk clay pantiles, conservation style rooflights and timber windows and doors in keeping with the original building.  The modern openings were partly infilled and replaced with traditional doors installed reflect the former use.

The barn has been insulated and dry-lined internally throughout using natural and breathable building materials including corkboard and lime render.  The original stable gate was retained as a feature within the building and the hayloft floor reinstated to provide a sleeping gallery at first floor. Existing brick pavers from the floor of the barn were lifted and re-laid on a new insulated floor.

Biodiversity enhancements included bird boxes and bat boxes as part of the conversion works and external lighting was specifically chosen to limit any negative impact.




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